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Dressage Memoriser
How It Works

Riding a dressage test is mostly a RIGHT-BRAIN activity associated with feeling, spatial awareness etc.  However, a dressage test itself is a written, sequenced list of movements and markers – a largely LEFT-BRAIN process.  To memorise something effectively you need to engage both sides of the brain.  It also helps to have physical memory (the movement of your hand in drawing the test) and visual cues (the pattern you draw.)  The Dressage Memoriser helps engage both sides of the brain when learning, ensuring that you easily remember the dressage test and that you have the “brain space” to concentrate on riding your horse effectively during the test itself.

 How to Use Dressage Memoriser

1.    Make sure you are learning the right test!

2.    Starting in recording mode, read through the test and draw the movements/pattern on to the Dressage Memoriser screen reading from the test sheet. This is much easier with a capacitive pen - see "Products" box to the right for our recommendations.

3.    Be aware of the markers as you read them, but do NOT try to memorise the test word for word or be worried about naming each marker.  It is usually better to think of “half marker” or “next marker”, because if you try to remember the specific letters you will move from right brain to left brain, disrupting the memorising process. It also avoids the need to know and remember where every letter is!

4.    Be accurate, as you would in the test, making circles the right shape and drawing the lines from marker to marker as you would ride them.  The diagrams in Dressage Memoriser are to scale – so check where you should go in relation to the markers. In a 20m x 40m arena a 20m circle at C goes through X.

5.    Change the speed at which you are drawing to feel the change of pace such as a medium trot or canter.  Stop moving where there are halts etc.  It can be helpful to also make a small “x” or “ℓ” where you halt, to reinforce the point.

6.    Once you have gone through the whole test (did you end up halting in front of the judge!), Press the flashing red light to go to revision mode.  It is also a good idea to save the test at this point. Clear the diagram using the refresh button then draw the  pattern again. Refer to the test sheet only when you can’t recall what you should be doing.  If you go off the pattern the App will beep and draw a red circle where you started to go wrong. Check the test and either start again or continue from the circle.

7.    As you revise, in your head make sure you know the fundamental pace & movement that you are doing, are you trotting, cantering, shoulder-in etc.  The dialogue in you head should go something like.  “trot”,  “change in medium”, “shoulder-in”, “change in medium” etc and the your finger or pen should be following the route/pattern at the same time.  If you need to name a marker, use “at half marker trot”, “at quarter marker walk”.  Be clear about whether a movement is at a marker or between markers.

8.    Repeat this until you can draw the test 100% reliably and without hesitation. There is no set number of repetitions, but 3-4 is usually a good start.  How fast can you “draw” it?

9.    Once you have learnt the test, keep checking your memory until the event – memory quickly fades over time unless you refresh it.  The solution is repetition.  Can you visualise the test in your head without the Dressage Memoriser? It will help to move your finger in the correct pattern even without the App. Can you visualise how it will look and feel on your horse from a rider point of view?